Whether you are looking for a van for one person, a Mobility conversion or just a convenient way to store your bikes or canoe, we will go out of our way to help you achieve your ideal vehicle. With years of experience we have probably come across your requirement previously, or something very similar, and will be happy to make your dream a reality. So many people have realised that it is simply not cost effective to have a vehicle taxed and insured and only use it for holidays.  So why not have a van converted to suit both your everyday needs such as commuting, dropping children to school and shopping, coupled with your  leisure activities? We have, in the past, converted vans for people with very individual needs such as windsurfers, cyclists, sign writing companies and a professional wine taster!  Our Matrix conversion was adapted for a water colour artist who wanted to take her dogs with her when touring the countryside to paint.  We built a dedicated travel crate into the conversion so that her dogs could travel safely. On a similar theme, we designed and built a conversion for a dog breeder and judge who needed to have full facilities including shower, toilet, hot water, diesel heating, oven and large fridge plus the space to have crates fitted to carry 3 Dalmatian dogs.  After collecting their van, the owner emailed us saying “Thank you for designing and building my van …. a work of art”. 

Do contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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